Landlord Related FAQs

A professional property manager can help you save time, money and stress in a number of ways. Below is just a few things Shield provides clients:

  • 24/7 emergency service for clients and tenants
  • On time rent collection and late payment follow up
  • Detailed invoices and scheduled direct deposit for each property
  • Complete tenant acquisition, screening and leasing service
  • Detailed move-in and move-out inspections
  • Single point of contact for tenant questions and concerns
  • Access to a network of home professionals and discounted rates
  • Worry free supervised repairs and maintenance
  • Expert advice and knowledge of Residential Tenancy Act to protect you from costly errors and problems

For more details on how we can help you with your specific concerns, call or email us anytime. Even if you just want to get some advice or ask a few questions, we are happy to help.

Yes. Regardless of where your property is, or the amount of rent, we will work to help you find the best tenant, at the best rent and do our best to maintain a problem free relationship with them so they stay year after year.

We are experts in tenant acquisition, screening and leasing so let’s work together to get your unit rented.

Yes. We can take the stress off your plate during difficult situations as this is when Shield can help you the most. We have years of experience dealing with problem tenants and difficult maintenance issues. It would be a pleasure to work with you to resolve the problem and save you time, money and stress.

Tenants are told to contact Shield directly for any emergencies, maintenance or repairs issues and are given a phone number and email to reach us. After assessing the issue, we will only inform you of any major issues that need that need your attention or as agreed upon with you.

Shield offers the advantage of handling all maintenance, repairs and cleaning needs through our network of professionals at preferred rates. Shield treats your property as if it was our own and pays special attention to expenses on your behalf. In the end, owners are responsible for the expenses incurred.

Yes, our service fee is deductible but double check with an accountant if you think you are in a special situation where they may not be. Most clients are able to claim a deduction with ease.

Yes. Inspections are important to ensure that your property is being kept up to par. We perform a detailed inspection of every unit once you start working with us and on every tenant move in and move out. We also regularly perform inspections based your service agreement with us.

While Shield will always deliver the rent we collect on time, infrequently tenants are late with their payments. Our late rent policy is to make immediately contact with the tenant to determine the reason why their rent payment has not been made. Usually we can quickly resolve the situation but if not we serve a Notice to Terminate (N4) as a precaution automatically on the third late day.

Shield will contact the tenant immediately to find out why the payment was not honoured and work quickly to resolve the situation. On the rare occasion that cheques bounce we follow our late payment process and prepare relevant paperwork as a precaution.

Our property management fee is payable once your investment property has been occupied. If your property is vacant let us know as we are experts in tenant sourcing, screening and leasing.

The tenant can only obtain your information if we have prior permission from you.

Yes. It’s very important to always have insurance for your property. If you don’t have insurance, would like a quote or want to change companies, Shield can recommend a licensed third party insurance broker that will take care of your needs as we would.

Yes. Please contact us if you have a vacant property that you would like managed as we have special rates and policies for this situation.

Yes. We would be happy to manage your property on your behalf if you are out of the country. We treat all our clients property as if they were our own and you are welcome to contact us at any time if you need in person assistance with your property.

We believe in providing a great service at a fair price. We work really hard to never let the cost of a property manager be a reason not to choose Shield. Call us to tell us about your situation and we promise to make things work.