How do I prepare for a smooth move in?

A few items are needed in order for us to complete a smooth move in with you.

  1. Purchase tenant content insurance.

All tenants must provide proof of their tenant insurance before moving in. A copy of your policy binder page is acceptable evidence of coverage. The landlord is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to your personal items. Tenant insurance can often be obtained through your current insurance provider or we can recommend you a great insurance agent.

  1. Set up utilities accounts in your name.

Tenants responsible for any utilities must provide proof that the accounts have been set up in their name. Please contact the relevant utilities directly prior to moving in and set up the accounts as of the first day on your lease.  The new account number is sufficient evidence for this. Please note that every building has different utility providers, however below are the contact details for the most common utility providers in Toronto.

Toronto Hydro: 416.542.8000

Enbridge Gas: 1.877.736.1502

  1. Book the Elevator for your move in date.

We recommend you reserve the building move in elevator through the buildings management offices as soon as we receive your deposit. This will prevent any issues with the building on move in day.

  1. Read your condo buildings rules and by-laws

We recommend that you read your building’s rules and regulations prior to moving in. This allows you to fully enjoy your new home, while respecting your neighbors and representing the owner positively. Being aware of the by-laws, rules and regulations, will avoid you incurring any unnecessary infractions or fines. Please also pay close attention to the move in and out procedures as well as your buildings pet policies.

  1. Complete the move in inspection

We recommend that you and Shield conduct a walk through of the unit together to insure all parties agree on the condition of the unit upon move in. We will provide you with a copy of the move in inspection report at the time we hand over the keys.