How do I prepare for a smooth move out?

  1. Reserve the elevator.

You should reserve the building elevator for your move out day through the management office as per the building guidelines.

  1. Cancel the utilities under your name

You should cancel the utilities, cable, internet, phone, tenant insurance in your name as of the date on your termination notice. Ensure to give them your new address so that your final bill can be paid on time.

  1. Clean and repair the unit.

The unit should be returned in the condition in which you received it. Often this requires a thorough cleaning by yourself or a professional. You should address basic repairs from damages or any extreme wear and tear caused by you.

  1. Complete a move out inspection.

Make sure all your belongings (including garbage and furniture/belongings you no longer want) have been removed from the unit before the final move out inspection. At the time of the move out inspection, be ready to hand over all unit keys, access cards and fobs.

If we have any deposits for keys, animals, furniture etc., they will be returned to you after the move out inspection and key return. Please send us your new address and banking information so that we can send you a refund or contact you if necessary.